Tree Trimming &


Let our professional arborists trim your trees

Trees are a staple in South Florida but what many property owners don’t realize is that they can be temperamental and require extra care in regards to trimming and watering. The knowledgeable team at Haig Landscape will be able to give all of your trees the necessary care and attention in order to keep them happy and healthy. Whether you need your trees and plants trimmed, thinned, reduced or installed, we do it all.

Depending on the size and type of tree, tree trimming requires a professional with the right bucket trucks, climbing equipment, manual and motorized cutting saws and a trained crew that can remove any debris in a timely and efficient manner. The experienced landscaping team at Haig Landscape will provide full-service tree maintenance, ensuring the beauty and storm safety of every property in South Florida. Our services also include removal, stump grinding, and land clearing.

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